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We have some more live videos in the wings. They are part of a veritable cornucopia of delights, filmed at a live gig a little while ago. We plan to spoon feed these to you, over the coming weeks. You may notice that our new drummist, Alan Clarke, is not in these movies. (Boo!) They show our old drummer, Dek Robinson, behind the tubs, (well not that old...), as they were created before Al joined. Just noticed that Al looks like a reference to articial intelligence. That is something we would never use in Da Management, of course.

We hope to get some new vidz done and to have some up to date pics also including young Al, before too long. Watch this space...

Gigs are still coming in for this year... and 2025. That's nice. Our current flyer is shown below, with links to YouTube, Facebook and contact details. If you, or a pal or relative, are looking to book a pukka band, you know who to call. Who ya gonna calll? - Pop Busters (Da Management, natch.)


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