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Other people are blowing our trumpet!

Feedback about Da Management:

"Wonderful variety of music! 🙂⭐" JP

"I enjoyed your videos. You’ve got a great sound." FH

"Brilliant drummer, makes it look so easy!!" RM

"Wow, that is very professional. Great selection, great mix and clever transitions. I know you’re busy anyway, but that’s a great advert. Congrats." HH

"Very good and an excellent range of songs and I will say very expertly put together. Well done." KW

"I do like it (our highlights video) John - I like it a lot!" MH

"Brilliant ! Great video. What a great night it was. JW-E

"Very good sounds, well done." TS

"This 4 piece incredibly talented band, bring you an unforgettable Saturday Night, packed to the brim with dancing favourites, sing-a-long classics & incredible music throughout the decades."DL

"Twas a great night, thoroughly enjoyed it. Thank you all x" RNSR

"Super gig. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves." JW-E

"It was a great gig, really enjoyed it, lots of people. There was a man on my table who was really enthusiastic about the group, saying how great you were and how great to hear all the songs from his youth." SA

"We had a good time thanks." CW

"Your band is really excellent, and you have your own unique sound." R

"We had a lovely afternoon listening to your great band. Thanks!" PS

"Great night Last night watching Da Management." SH

"Brilliant entertainment as always thank you." JV

" You are much better than The Rolling Stones!" Anon

"Brilliant band, and you're all so hardworking!" BM

"We saw you for the first time last evening and it certainly won't be the last. What a band. You are all so talented! It was an evening of really great music and the venue was very friendly and welcoming. We will be passing the word around! Thanks everyone ☺️" CF

"Quality band doing fabulous proper songs." PH

"Love your fills on this Derek, perfect delayed backbeat, Al Jackson would be proud." GL

"A talented band and nice guys to boot !" EL

"You all done brilliant!" SH

"Good night, thanks xx" CW

"Da Management sounding hot!!! I complimented your drummer at the time. John your bass is tight." JT

“Les is an amazing man. Enough said. Man is a legend and I thank him xx” WG

"It was a brilliant night listening to a fantastic band. Thanks chaps. X" FRBL

"Great night so thanks for the Music boys 🎶🎶" CS

"I've been in this band since May and have played 16 gigs with them. I couldn't have found a nicer bunch of guys to work with and they're all great musicians as well." (From Les Titford.)

"Very good band and nice guys to boot!" EL

"Great to be back at the FOTS club and see old friends again. Da Management were very good as were the club's guitarists. A very enjoyable evening!" CP2

" What a fab time everyone had lots of smiley faces. Great band and great evening 🔥🔥🔥" CP1

"It was a great night, thank you." TS

"We had a good night. Paul is a fine guitarist and brings so much to the band with his playing. As always, John’s playing and sound was strong and punchy." MH

"You are a great bunch of musicians and we all thoroughly enjoyed listening to you. Hopefully catch you at another venue in the not too distant future. “Thankyou for the music” ☘️☘️❤️" MB

"Thank you all for a night of music & entertainment it was a real gooden. I enjoyed it & so did everyone & I learnt in my early life if a solo singer or band can fill a dance floor that says it all." PH

"Thanks to all you guys, we really enjoyed it last night, good music , good company, a winning formula, see you soon 👍🏻👍🏻🎼🎼🎼🎼🎼😍" LP

"Everyone at the party enjoyed the music and had a good time. You were brilliant. Once again - Thank you." TB

"I recently stayed at a Warner's hotel. You're miles better than any of their entertainment acts." AM

"You were fantastic!" LS

"Good call, last night - great music." PO

"A very good evening, one of the best Well done Mr Bobin and the boys." RK

'Brilliant night as always boys 👏 🙂😘" SH

"Yes our gang had a good night with you all last night. A Brilliant atmosphere, and we always love your Tulsa Time number. They so love to stroll to that one." TW

"Went to see Da Management last Friday, and what can I say! What a brilliant band,and a great assembly of proper musicians. The guys were so tight and their enthusiasm for the crowd made for a great night for all. An added bonus for me was also to see my friend Les Titford playing with the band.

If you love the 60’s and 50’s music with a splash of seventies done properly then do yourself a favour and get to see them live!" BR

"Sharp looking band." JC

"You all look so smart" CT

"Just shared your post & awarded you top award for presentation , definitely the best dressed band on the circuit , & obvs best musicians 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻😍😍🎼🎼🎼" LE

"Last night was extremely impressive and you were all on fire! There were so many compliments and you could see how much everyone was enjoying the night. Well done all of you." JT

"Great night!" JG

"Great night. We all really enjoyed it." GW

"A wonderful nights entertainment. Thanks very much, hoping to see you all somewhere soon." MT

"I’ve seen a lot of bands in my time from Chuck Berry, The Stones, Meat Loaf, Quo, The Eagles and 100s more and know quality when I hear it. You and your band are first class. Everyone commented how great you were and really enjoyed it. I can’t wait for the next time we get to see you guys again thanks to all of you " BW

"Great night dancing to the band." GS

"The band were fab, harmonies were excellent. Wonderful to see Les too - another wonderfully talented musician." MB

"You were great! We had the best time💃🕺😘" JG

"Yes agree it was a good night and Daddy long Les has settled in brilliantly. we had a great time." LH

"Fabulous night ….Great fun 🤩 Thanks ☺️ 👏👏👏" GJ

"You're such a happy, band. You look like you're really having fun.You really exude happiness!" Anon

"Great night welcoming Les to the line up of Da Management, not only brilliant musicians but thoroughly nice guys, we really enjoyed it, hope Les did too 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻🎼🎼🎼🥰🥰" LE

"Just run through the tracks on Da Management's 'latest' album and we LOVE - A Caravan on Canvey island." ME

"I was there, I enjoyed the band very much 😁xxx" LS

“Worth every comment 👍🏻👍🏻🥰🥰🎼🎼🎼” LE

"Best era's ever and love your versions, must get to see you soon 😀" GCA

"Book these guys for a great vintage music night" TJ

"Lovely afternoon in the sun at The Bandstand, Priory Park, Southend watching Da Management" LT

"Lovely time watching John Bobin #damanagement" LTM

"A glorious afternoon in Southend spent watching Da Management in the sunshine - what more could you want?" JW

"A great afternoon, yesterday. Well done!" PO

"Great night 👍🎼thanks 👏👏👏👏" GJ

"Great night getting some dance moves in with these lovely guys 🥰🥰🎼🎼🎼💃🏻💃🏻🕺🕺" LE

"Good band nice guys." JG

"Your new stuff sounds really tight and well done, congratscongrats! Your bass was (and still is) spot on." GS

"Album plays in my van very regularly: great stuff … harmonies, basslines … what’s not to like, as they say!" RC

"Da Management - Under New Management

With clear, crisp production, great harmonies and years of experience between this legendary outfit's latest line up, featuring Bob Mundy, Paul Milligan and Dek Robinson as its newest recruits, an album like this can't really go wrong. Under New Management does exactly as you would expect, from the opening track 'Radancer' through to the closing track, Bob's now famous 'A Caravan On Canvey island', Da Management breeze effortlessly through styles and decades like a hot knife through butter. The harmonies and arrangements are absolutely spot on, and no autotune is required!! These are old school solid professional musicians who earned a living well before talent shows and plastic bands. They know exactly what to do and when to do it, and that comes across. Nowhere Man's beautifully intricate opening harmony falls out with ease and clarity; this is not easy to do, believe me! Da Management (still featuring Billy B and John Bobin, two founder members), make the hardest and most difficult things look and sound easy. That’s why they are who they are; that's why they do what they do, and that's why they continue to fill their diary and to entertain anyone fortunate enough to see them live. Approachable and knowledgeable onstage and off, this is a band that proves that the constant search for perfection never dies, and these guys are as close to it as you would hope to find!

***** A Five Star Performance, well recorded, well played, well mastered, well done!!!

Marcus Brown

Grass Roots Music UK Podcast"

"What a great night with these talented guys at a new venue that we certainly will be visiting again, great to see you again 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻🎶🎶🎶🥰🥰" LE

"Great band .. fab night boys..lovely mix of numbers...where have the years gone… but there is always the caravan on Canvey Island for respite care…🤗🎸🎸" JG

"Got one (CD) and it’s excellent!! GS

"I have listened (to the CD) and Dave M has done a great job - everything sounds great. Off now for some candy floss n lemonade!!" PM

"I loved the new CD. My favourite is Me and Julio. It's better than the Paul Simon original." SB

"Cheers - the CD was great 😁" AC

"I enjoyed it (the CD), very much so! I forgot to say, my brother and his wife came to watch your band at the RBL. He lives very near there and didn’t know there was a band on until they walked past. He said it was bloody brilliant!" AM

"Enjoyed the CD very much. Thank you." KW

"Great night at the club, the band was spot on. The play list was perfect. CD is very good." SH

"Great .. we love your vocals and harmonies… top band." JG

"I love the creative rhythm guitar on ”…Coal Mine”, the vocal harmonies on ”Nowhere Man” and ”Out of Time” you do better than The Stones (never liked their version). Great version of ”I Need Your Love So Bad”. I think you should make a whole blues album!" MZ

“Da Management album sounds great.” RM

“I listened to the CD in the car on my way down to Hastings last week and I really enjoyed it. Good song choices and really nice playing and production. All the best, and don't stop pounding out those low notes!!” FD

"The bass was perfect!" Anon

"Your CD sounds great, I have it in my car's CD player and it keeps me company." LG

"I really enjoyed yesterday afternoon and your great sounds, especially the lovely harmonies on The Everlys 'So Sad', my favourite of theirs. All our club members who attended certainly enjoyed it and we look forward to seeing you and the band again. " BK

"Great work on the CD enjoyed all the tracks

and its a real credit to all the musicians." RM

"Excellent stuff lads. I like the interesting choice of songs and covers - it doesn't make me want a caravan on Canvey mind you. I liked all the arrangements, vocals, harmonies and things." NR

"Your CD arrived with the mail today. Great sound quality. Superb vocals, great bass playing." MZ

"Have enjoyed the new CD very much. I think the inclusion of Bob and Paul works very’s to the next one." SO

"Thank you for the CD I have been playing it in my car it's very good." SA

"Love the new CD. Beautifully Recorded. Well done Guys!" MW

"Thank you so much for the CD. Love the variation - and especially like the way you've re-appropriated 'Working In A Coalmine' - brilliant spoken word!" PR

"Really enjoyed singing along to this CD with my headphones on! If you haven’t got a copy yet, don’t delay, get yours today! People of a certain age can relive their “yoof”! Newcomers to the rock scene, time to enjoy 😊 some real music 🎶 with words you can actually understand. Double bubble if you remember the hand jive! Luv it! X" JW

"CongratsCongrats on the new album, so well done.

‘Nowhere Man’ - wow, so close to the original. Love the bass on that..‘So sad’ - again so accurate (with additions) ‘Caravan on Canvey Island’ - great fun." HH

"Gave the cd a play last night. Have to say it was very good. ...I thought the bass playing was particularly good." MM

"Got back home yesterday with your CD having arrived and duly played it. What great listening from excellent musicians!" SS

"Your (new) CD is absolutely brilliant. Fantastic harmonies, beautiful guitar work, (especially on Need your love so bad.) Fantastic production, totally professional results. You should feel very proud and rightly so. Well done all ..." BB "Sometimes the bass can be a bit over the top but with John Bobin, well you can't get any better." From the club staff at a recent gig.

"Can't remember a better night out, great band, terrific renditions, need you to return soon, good value cd nearly played out already. You Rock!" RK

"Looks like you have more fun than the audience!?! Great 😊" AH

“It was an amazing night out the talent explosion fantastic, can't wait for there return.” RK

"What a fabulous bunch of guys …when the band has fun so do the audience." JG

"Great band!" JG

"The lads are back with their fabulous new line up" AJ

"A brilliant night as always , you never disappoint. Thank you for playing my song for me. Looking forward to the next one and the new CD." BB

"You were brilliant tonight!" BM

"We enjoyed our night, thanks" LH

"Band were on form" PN

"Brilliant night and lots of fun 😊x" SH

"...real pros...clever buggers." DM

"(Bob Mundy) Good singer good guitarist and a really lovely man ❤️" JYB

" ‘Da Management’ sounding amazing on the videos. Well done to you and all your band mates." BB

"Wow 👏 you are all brilliant x" TW

"Excellent- I’ll definitely be at a gig In the not too distant future! 🥂💃🏻🥂" LH

"Very good. Good harmonies and very good balance." KW

"Really really tight. Amazing harmonies. Bassist and drummer are great too." DM

"Smart looking band ... old school. 🙂" BL

"Enjoyed the gig last week all the people around us were saying how good you were and how smart, see you have lots more gigs the band sound really good together x" SA

"Your new attire first set established that we were going to be entertained by a professional band of musicians who look good and sound great as well.

The harmonies on " That Boy" were great and the great surprise was the Everlys "So Sad" brilliant harmonies." AJ

"How marvellous to see a capacity crowd dancing and enjoying the band."

"What a brilliant evening 😀you were all fantastic 👏x" SH

"Great set list. Great vocals. Great lead / rhythm / bass guitars and drums = great band!" MD

"Thank you for a really enjoyable evening. The band was very, very good!" DM

"...bass playing on "Move it" top class!" PM

"I really did enjoy both Da Management sets. Hearing you perform I would never have guessed this was a new line up as it all sounded very accurate, very tight and very well-balanced, so you should all be rightly pleased." GH

"Absolutely brilliant night,great music lovely people." LS

"Had a great time 😊🎶 x"

"Da Management were absolutely stonking last night I thought - strong in every department - appearance, selection of numbers, continuity, strong solid bass lines, good new drummer and Bob and Paul just completed the impressive sound - Paul is a wonderful guitarist and he makes it all look so easy." MH

"Da Management looked great in period narrow pink ties & Californian Surfer Dude gear. One of the best bands for recreating the sounds of the era live on stage." DM

"We enjoyed it very much and look forward to seeing you again soon" NA

“Da Management are excellent 🙂 Fabulous night!” SB

“Tremendous night thanks guys !!” PM

“🤗 Had a great time! Well done 👍😘” DW

"Keep rockin’ boys. Really enjoyed your set. Thanks." JC

"Enjoyed our evening with you last night. See you again soon" LH

"Great to have full vocals. Looking good. Different vibe with new line up. Great choice and variation of numbers. Love Eagles numbers especially too. Billy you did good with last number Love will keep us alive. And you were performing well!" JG

“Thank you for a fun night, shame we couldn’t get up and dance; just bounced about in our seats 🤣 xx” BG

“Great night with Da Management, good company, agony not being able to dance, but good to see the guys back 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻😍😍🎼🎼🎼” LE

"Great numbers and tight endings proud good performance...and dont you just love your front man..Billy so cute haaa haaa..." JG

"What a fantastic evening we had, love the new line up and can't wait to see you next time, we can dance all night 😀👍x" SH

“We enjoyed your last Saturday night Gig in The Great Wakering Royal British Legion 🎸🎤🥁🎸🎵🎵🎵” CS

“Great night as always. Several of my friends commented on how smart you all looked, I thought the same. Another comment was, easy on the ears 🤣🤣, not too loud. Looks to me like you must be doing it right ! See you soon Guys , cheers.” BB

“Really great gig. Fabulous vocals.” SHB

“A fantastic gig, the band were on great form, catch them when you can!” PN

“You guys look so smart.” NK

“Smart outfits.” SA

"We really enjoyed the band. Many thanks to you and the guys." SB and CS

Thank you for the compliments! If any other people want to give us feedback, please feel free to comment.


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