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Muchas Grachias!

Da Management will reappear from our well deserved holiday, refreshed and raring to go on 21st January 2023, at Shoebury Conservative Club. We start playing at 8:30 pm. Why not join us at this very friendly club?

We have been taking a look at the number of views we have had for our various videos on Facebook and YouTube. There have been just under 12,000. That's great, and many thanks to all of you who viewed those videos, or to the person who viewed them 12,000 times.

By the way, that number is only in respect of posts made by Da Management or our illustrious leader, young John Bobin. He is still basking in the kind description of him as a silver-haired gentleman, by a lady who should know better. (Please don't tell him, but we think that wasn't necessarily meant to be complimentary!)


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