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Great Feedback From Happy People!

"Everyone at the party enjoyed the music and had a good time. You were brilliant. Once again - Thank you." TB "I recently stayed at a Warner's hotel. You're miles better than any of their entertainment acts." AM "You were fantastic!" LS "Good call, last night - great music." PO "A very good evening, one of the best Well done Mr Bobin and the boys." RK 'Brilliant night as always boys " SH "Yes our gang had a good night with you all last night. A Brilliant atmosphere, and we always love your Tulsa Time number. They so love to stroll to that one." TW "Went to see Da Management last Friday, and what can I say! What a brilliant band,and a great assembly of proper musicians. The guys were so tight and their enthusiasm for the crowd made for a great night for all. An added bonus for me was also to see my friend Les Titford playing with the band. If you love the 60’s and 50’s music with a splash of seventies done properly then do yourself a favour and get to see them live!" BR "Sharp looking band." JC "You all look so smart" CT "Just shared your post & awarded you top award for presentation , definitely the best dressed band on the circuit , & obvs best musicians " LE "Last night was extremely impressive and you were all on fire! There were so many compliments and you could see how much everyone was enjoying the night. Well done all of you." JT "Great night!" JG "Great night. We all really enjoyed it." GW "A wonderful nights entertainment. Thanks very much, hoping to see you all somewhere soon." MT "I’ve seen a lot of bands in my time from Chuck Berry, The Stones, Meat Loaf, Quo, The Eagles and 100s more and know quality when I hear it. You and your band are first class. Everyone commented how great you were and really enjoyed it. I can’t wait for the next time we get to see you guys again thanks to all of you " BW "Great night dancing to the band." GS "The band were fab, harmonies were excellent. Wonderful to see Les too - another wonderfully talented musician." MB "You were great! We had the best time" JG "Yes agree it was a good night and Daddy long Les has settled in brilliantly. we had a great time." LH "Fabulous night ….Great fun Thanks " GJ "You're such a happy, band. You look like you're really having fun.You really exude happiness!" Anon "Great night welcoming Les to the line up of Da Management, not only brilliant musicians but thoroughly nice guys, we really enjoyed it, hope Les did too " LE "Just run through the tracks on Da Management's 'latest' album and we LOVE - A Caravan on Canvey island." ME "I was there, I enjoyed the band very much xxx" LS “Worth every comment ” LE "Best era's ever and love your versions, must get to see you soon " GCA "Book these guys for a great vintage music night" TJ "Lovely afternoon in the sun at The Bandstand, Priory Park, Southend watching Da Management" LT

"Lovely time watching John Bobin #damanagement" LTM "A glorious afternoon in Southend spent watching Da Management in the sunshine - what more could you want?" JW "A great afternoon, yesterday. Well done!" PO "Great night thanks " GJ "Great night getting some dance moves in with these lovely guys " LE "Good band nice guys." JG "Your new stuff sounds really tight and well done, congratscongrats! Your bass was (and still is) spot on." GS "Album plays in my van very regularly: great stuff … harmonies, basslines … what’s not to like, as they say!" RC

Just some of the appreciative comments we have received. Full details are on our Facebook page.


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