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“Da Management - Under New Management"

With clear, crisp production, great harmonies and years of experience between this legendary outfit's latest line up, featuring Bob Mundy, Paul Milligan and Dek Robinson as its newest recruits, an album like this can't really go wrong. Under New Management does exactly as you would expect, from the opening track 'Radancer' through to the closing track, Bob's now famous 'A Caravan On Canvey island', Da Management breeze effortlessly through styles and decades like a hot knife through butter. The harmonies and arrangements are absolutely spot on, and no autotune is required!! These are old school solid professional musicians who earned a living well before talent shows and plastic bands. They know exactly what to do and when to do it, and that comes across. Nowhere Man's beautifully intricate opening harmony falls out with ease and clarity; this is not easy to do, believe me! Da Management (still featuring Billy B and John Bobin, two founder members), make the hardest and most difficult things look and sound easy. That’s why they are who they are; that's why they do what they do, and that's why they continue to fill their diary and to entertain anyone fortunate enough to see them live. Approachable and knowledgeable onstage and off, this is a band that proves that the constant search for perfection never dies, and these guys are as close to it as you would hope to find!

***** A Five Star Performance, well recorded, well played, well mastered, well done!!!

Marcus Brown

Grass Roots Music UK Podcast"


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