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Da Management and Procol Harum

This was posted on Procol Harum's excellent website a little while ago. (See

"There's an excellent release from a Paramounts contemporary – John Bobin – who's still in the business, still living in Essex, and still making great music. Check this link to hear Da Management, and to read track-listing and ordering details for Under New Management. They play 'music from the golden era of pop – 50s, 60s and 70s classics – and Under New Management features ten covers and two numbers written by band members'. 'Once you receive the CD, play it at high volume, sing the songs with vim and gusto and dance in wild abandon,' is the advice from Mr Bobin. He was a regular

at The Shades, Len Trower's Club in Southend-on-Sea, and knew The Paramounts well, later working with their first drummer Mickey Brownlee in Hunt Runt Shunt and Cunningham. As a member of Legend he was managed by ex-Procoler David Knights, and Procol's early organist Matthew Fisher contributed string arrangements to Moonshine (Legend's LP after The Red Boot album.) 'As well as selling the CD, we've put it on Bandcamp so it can be downloaded, ' John writes. 'The link is .'"


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