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Blowing Our Own Trumpet!

We keep a running feedback post pinned to the top of our Facebook page. Here are some recent appreciative comments about Da Management. Thanks everybody!

"Great band, we were very impressed xxx" ER

"The music was fantastic, well done Da Management." TS

"Everyone has said how good the band was. Everyone was really impressed. You were fantastic. Thank you once again for making it a very special evening." SK

"We are looking forward to hearing and dancing to the band again soon." MC

"We all had a great night thank you. I’m sure we will be back when you’re next playing there! Xx" KG

"The band were really great." SH

"It was a fantastic night. Music perfect." JP

"Da Management we always enjoy seeing you." CO

"Opening with CCR was great!" SM

"Great night, really enjoyed it." SH

"Great Night Really Enjoyed It." ES

"Enjoyed the night - really impressed by Paul’s guitar playing - here’s to the next time." MH

"Thank you all guys, great night had by all." JS

"A fine evening out, in the company of a remarkably fine band…..Da Management." JG


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