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Ancient History.

Da Management was formed in the autumn of 2013. We have had several great line ups since then, leading to our current version. We are still going strong and getting very warm appreciation and feedback, from audiences and bookers alike.

If you haven't looked at the History section on our website, why not take a gander at the roll call of wonderful musicians who have been in the band, and who are part of our beat group, right now?

Here is a link to make it easy:

While we are at it, we would like to mention several other musicians who have depped with us. These terrific players deserve a pat on the back for fitting in so seamlessly, on the odd gigs where we needed temporary help, due to one of us being unavalable, due to circumstances beyond our control.

Steve Oliver (The Ugly Guys, The Beat Patrol.)

Ken Lott (Flashbax, Julie Jive and The Bigshots.)

Alan Clarke (Glorious CV, including The Drifters, Glen Campbell, Diane Solomon, Kenny Rogers and many more.)

Brian Roost (Acolade, The Mickey Welton Band.)

And not forgetting Graeme Turner, who guested with us, some time ago. (Another brilliant CV, including Alison Moyet, Steve Marriott, George McRae, The Drifters, Edwin Starr, David Essex.)

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