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A Collector's Item For A Bargain Price!

(The Fingers in 1967.)

How would you like to own a rare record on which our bass player, John Bobin, played 56 years ago? It was one of four singles recorded by his then band, The Fingers. It was released in 1967, under the name Daddy Lindberg. The A side is a Geoff Stephens composition. However, over the years the B-side, Wade in the Shade, has attracted a lot of attention and that's surprising, as John, Ricky Mills (The Fingers' lead singer) and Peter Eden (the producer) wrote it on the spot, and then the band recorded it as quickly as possible. According to John, it didn't take much more than fifteen minutes to write and record this offering. Nonetheless, it keeps getting released on psychedelic compilations, and it's readily available to be streamed. If you want a real 45, it's on eBay for the bargain price of just under £500. By the way, other recordings by The Fingers, which were unreleased at the time, have also now been released on various psychedelic compilations.

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